Sam Slater - Duo Tech Rider 2019

W. cello tech.png

“Sam Slater” Technical and Hospitality Rider

In order to deliver the show ALL the conditions laid out in this rider need to be met by the promoter. Please read carefully and let us know any questions well in advance of the performance.


Sam Slater - Electronics
Cellist - Cello

1+2 =
L-R Stereo Electronics through 2 x DI Box
3 =
Mono Cello through Fender Twin Reverb

1 hour

1 x Minimum 8 Channel Mixer - Not Behringer / Yamaha. Ideally Soundcraft, Mackie or Allen & Heath
1 x 60cm x 100cm x 110cm Table for Computers + Mixer
6 x Jack to Jack cables (female to male): 1m for D.I. boxes
2 x DI boxes

1 x Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier
1 x AKG 414 / SM 57 for Guitar Amplifier
1 x Piano Bench / Cello Stool

Monitoring as shown in the Tech Rider above

Total 3 outputs from Sam Slater + Cellist


MONITOR REQUIREMENTS (Promoter to supply)
3 x (400 Watt) monitors
1 x 15 inch Subwoofer monitor
Please contact to Sam Slater for any questions

P.A. REQUIREMENTS (Promoter to supply)
Bass is an absolutely crucial part of Sam Slater’s live sound.
Subwoofers Preferable (eg. Fully powered 18” sub bass speakers should be added to any existing sound system in the venue if they don’t have in the venue. )

Sam Slater plays electronic music with heavily processed organic instruments. His sound uses significant amounts of low and sub bass tones with intention of a heavy physical presence beyond the typical vocal orientated concert listening experience. Frequencies that can be felt vibrating the environment, and body. A large PA is required, with sufficient subs.


LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS (Promoter to supply)

Lighting is also an important part of Sam Slater’s show. He would like to check before or after the soundcheck with the lighting technician. Atmosphere should be dark, with very low-level white (and/or) purple lights. Lights should not move, or change significantly throughout the set.

If special provisions have been made for an AV show, please contact Sam in advance to discuss setup on


STAFF (Promoter to supply)
Sam Slater will need a qualified sound engineer and a lights technician. He does not have a regular engineer to bring with him (unless otherwise agreed in the contract) and will therefore depend heavily on the staff provided.



Dressing Room
A clean, lockable dressing room.

The room should be equipped with the following:
A kettle + Cold Drinkable Water
Power points
Wi-Fi internet connection
Easy access to the stage, preferably without the artist having to walk through the audience.

2 quality hot, nutritious meals or buy out of £20 / €25 per person

The following refreshments should be placed in the dressing room no later than two hours prior to performance:
Ginger Lemon and honey Tea /Herbal Teas
Bottled still mineral water (room temperature preferably)
Alcohol Free Beers
Selection of fresh fruits
A selection of ham, cheese, olives, tomatoes and bread, organic where possible or
Sushi would be so wonderful and welcome for Sam Slater. He will perform very well with them.

1 single rooms in minimum 2** hotel per person.
Breakfast and internet provided for each performer at no cost to the artist.
If return flight is several or more hours after hotel check out please supply late check-out at no cost to the artist.

1 return flight from Berlin per person.
No suit case / instruments to check in.
2x standard hand-luggage items per person.

Video of a recent live performance has been added below for reference.